Rock Rabeinu

by Moshiach Oi!

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released August 10, 2017

Moshiach Oi!:

Yishai NN – vocals, guitar, drums

Menashe Yaakov Wagner – guitar, vocals

Mitchell (Mordechai) Harrison – bass

Pesach Simcha Alpert – drums, vocals

All songs written by Yishai NN except:
“Smoke the Petek” written by Menashe Yaakov Wagner
“My Chevra” written by Pesach Simcha Alpert

Recorded at Camp Shabbos, Long Beach, NY from 2014-2017
Produced and engineered by Don Bonus
Mastered by Mammoth Sound Mastering

© 2017 Shabasa Records



all rights reserved


Moshiach Oi! Long Beach, New York

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Track Name: Na Nach Freedom Song
Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman
This is the song of redemption
Everybody come and sing along
Nachman MeUman
The whole world is gonna sing a brand new song
Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman
Proclaiming peace and freedom and redemption
Nachman MeUman
Whoever wants to be free, come along
Dance to the beat of a brand new song
Only faith and joy can make us strong
Nachman MeUman
Chasing after money is always wrong
Time to walk a new path, it’s been too long
Thank G-d we have the song of redemption
It’s Nachman MeUman!
Track Name: Rabeinu Rebbe Nachman
Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!!

Rabeinu Rebbe Nachman, sent a letter from heaven
To Saba Yisroel, revealed to him the song of redemption
So now we have the key to set us all free
It’s here for you and me, everything’s in Rebbe Nachman’s teachings

So we spread it all around, in every city and every town
So you know what’s going down,
Rabeinu Rebbe Nachman, he wears the crown
So everybody come along, because we have the new song
And everybody sing along with Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!

Rabeinu Rebbe Nachman, he holds the key
To the redemption of all humanity
So now we have the strength to carry on
And bring the Geula Shlaima singing the brand new song
Track Name: No Despair
No despair in the world at all
A million ways that you can fall
But there’s no despair in the world at all
Rabeinu keeps us standing tall
Keep on moving, never stall
Cause theres no despair in the world at all!
No despair at all
With Emes etched into our hearts nothing can tear us apart
No despair in the world at all
Rabeinu told us not to fall
Cause theres no despair in the world at all
Na Nach is a battle call
Stand on your feet, never crawl
Cause Na Nach is a battle call
Track Name: Smoke the Petek
Everyone’s convinced that we get high
Everybody thinks that we are fried
Over there you see that Na Nach guy
They bet they know the reason that he’s smiling
It couldn’t be the Torah that he read
Or the heart felt prayers that he said
Getting up at midnight from his bed
Must have left him fuzzy in the head

Or so they say…
We have a way, a better way
The Na Nach way

Because this world’s a twisted joke
That’s why we drink and why we smoke
Torah is gin, Rebbe Nachman is our tonic
We’re getting high off the new song
We smoke the Petek all night long
You don’t need brain cells when the song you sing is Na Nach

They wonder why we waste our lives away
Chanting mantras all night and all day
Hard work is the price that you must pay
If you want to live the Breslov way
Track Name: Ain Yeush
Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman
Yesh inyan she'nithafech hakol l'tovah
Ain ye’ush ba'olam klal

There is an idea that everything will be flipped around for the good
There is no despair in the world at all)
Track Name: Country Petek
[The words to this song are the contents of the holy note, known as the “Petek”, sent miraculously by Rebbe Nachman of Breslov to his precious student Yisroel Dov Odesser]

מאד היה קשה לי לרדת אליך
Very hard it was for me to descend to you
תלמידי היקר להגיד לך כי נהנתי
My precious student to tell you that I benefited
מאד מעבודתך ועליך אמרתי
Greatly from your service and upon you I said
מיין פיירעיל וועט טליען ביז
My fire will burn until

*משיח וועט קומען
Messiah will come

חזק ואמץ
be strong and brave

In your service

נ נח נחמ נחמן מאומן
Na Nach Nachma Nachman Me'Uman
ובזה אגלה לך סוד והוא
And with this I shall reveal to you a secret and it is:
מלא וגדיש מקו לקו
Full and heaped up from line to line
(פצפציה )
(Pay, Tzaddi, Pay, Tzaddi, Yud, Hay)

ובחזוק עבודה תבינהו וסמן
And with strong service you will understand it and the sign is

יז בתמוז יאמרו שאינך מתענה
The 17th of Tammuz they will say that you are not fasting
Track Name: Rabeinu's Army
Me and my friends are gonna bring the redemption
Setting this world in a new direction
Got big plans, won’t stop till we’re through
Not gonna stop till the whole world knows the truth
Fighting everyday just to free our souls
And be freed from the curse of growing old
Got a fire in my heart and it’s gonna burn
Spread the light of the teachings we have learned
I’m a soldier in Rabeinu’s Army
60 warriors on the battlefield
It’s a dark, dark world but we will not yield
Cause in the sichos and the stories it all becomes clear
How there’s a voice that the whole world needs to hear
He’s watering the garden and the rivers that flow
To the four corners of the world where we had to go
To return what was lost and reclaim our name
Trying not to eat the “grain” that makes us all insane
Track Name: Rock Rabeinu
Fake leaders tell us what to do
But we know they don’t have a clue
They try to tell us where to go
But we know they don’t really know
You know they think they know it all
We say they’ve got a lot of gall
They try to push what isn’t true
But we know what we’ve got to do
Rock Rabeinu!
Only one way to break the chains
Get free before we go insane
Only one who can rearrange
The throne so we don’t get estranged
“I am prayer” he said and it’s true
Kill the lies or else they’ll kill you
Rabeinu’s song we always knew
And now the world will know it too!
Rock Rabeinu!
Sheker, Sheker, Lo Aleinu
Fill your head with Das Rabeinu
This world so sick and on its head
So hard to find a true word said
The sheker seems to reign supreme
And no one knows what it all means
Rabeinu is our only hope
Deep in the darkness he’s the rope
To pull us out and push us through
The lies, and come back to the truth
Rock Rabeinu!
Track Name: Sitra Achra is Dangerous
Sitra Achra is Dangerous
Never again, never again, never again will I befriend
These demons trying to kill me, trying to bring me to my end
Never give up the struggle, yea, never give up the fight
Smashing klippot every day, fighting through the dark of night
Every day I know, I pray, I know this is a war
I’ve lost too many battles but I won’t fall down no more
Grabbing hold of my weapons, fighting now until the end
Fighting on, fighting strong, fighting till redemption comes

Not giving in another time
I’m done, I’m through, this is the line
I’m not giving anymore
Strength to their side, this is a war

The time is up you filthy scum
The time is now to overcome
We’re gathering back all the sparks
I will not rest until the part
Of me that sticks to the other side
Has been separated nullified
I will not rest until I’m free
Till you’re not a part of me
I’m staying true to purity
Not lost in a world of insanity
Been fed and forced to break apart
Open a path in my heart
No more time to run away
Gotta live in every day
Fix my heart, fix my head
Heal me like Rabeinu said
Track Name: My Chevra
My chevra’s loud, my chevra’s proud
My chevra stands out in a crowd
We scream and shout and clap our hands
We shake your world as much as we can

Achdus running through our veins
Misbonein on the Holy Names
One soul, one goal, one destiny
When I stand to pray, need ya next me

Henei Mah tov u'manayim shevet achim gam yachad
My chevra!

When I've fallen flat, no end in sight
My chevra’s there to restore my might
Lift me up soaring to shemayim
zug one, zug two, zug three, l'chaim!

No ones up, if one mans down,
We all stand up to kiss the crown
Same blood, same home, same tests in Rome
Brothers at my side, and won't hear me moan

Hareini m'kabel alai Mitzos ahsei, shel v'ahavta l'reicha kamocha
Our tribe is alive, achdus in overdrive
Combined with the Divine and that's how we survive
My sisters and my brothers every size and every color
Stay strong, sing along, standing up for one another.
Sing loud sing proud, get back up when you stumble
United we'll rise, but divided we’ll crumble